Rules Fest Last Minute Medical Meetup Speakers Wanted

Rules Fest is very close (24-28th of October, San Francisco) and this year RHT are sponsoring the bootcamps to a high level to ensure that they are made freely available to all.

Thu the 27th will follow the normal intro format as previous years, along with time to ask questions of core developers.

At the last minute budget was found for an additional day on Friday the 28th. Due to the success of the healthcare meet up in San Diego 2010, we would like to try and dedicate this day to healthcare.

We would like this day to be 100% community presented, by real practitioners. If you are doing anything interesting in the areas of healthcare related to rules, workflow, events, ontologies, distributed intelligent agents and would like to talk, please contact me asap: mproctor at codehaus d0t org.

The talks do not need to be Drools specific, but it should be relevant to any one looking to do Open Source based technology implementations of the previously mentioned areas. Applied, theoritcal and technical talks are all welcome. 30 minute or 60 minute durations are all fine.

Again sorry for the last minute notice, but hopefully we can still make this into a great community oriented day.


Drools Project Lead and Co-creator

—– update —-
Full details of the event can now be fund here:


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