jBPM Form Builder follow-up

Greetings. There are a few items I will be adding to the Form Builder in the next few weeks, including the following: Create user roles for different menu options
It’s important to have different roles with separate functions. Certain profiles, i.e. web designer, could edit any visual component. However, a functional analyst might need to have limited visual components, previously approved by a web designer. At first, these are the profiles in mind:

  • web designer: Can define any customized visual component
  • functional analyst: Can use any customized visual component

Create visual asistants for script development on visual components specific events
Profiles that will use the form builder, at least to begin with, shouldn’t need scripting knowledge to understand what to do on specific visual events or how to handle them. That’s why a series of visual helpers should allow a user with very few technical knowledge of scripting to define behaviour for certain visual events like onClick, onChange, and so on.

Guvnor and jBPM console interaction
I will change current jBPM console interaction to use a specific API exposed by the form builder. Currently we publish specific FTL files in guvnor every time we save a form definition, making it unnecessary to change it. This option, however, could be improved, in order to provide different language options. Here’s an example view of one of them:

Instalation scripts
Currently I’m working on expanding the jbpm installer to have the form builder included in it.

Also, we expect to have this as an available module by next release (5.3) If everything goes well, everyone will have this tool pretty soon




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