jBPM Form Builder follow-up

Greetings! Among the things developed over the last two weeks for the jBPM Form Builder, here are the ones worth mentioning:

Script helper refactor: Some of the classes had issues when being stored on the server side, due to dependencies with GWT client-side classes. A small refactor was made to make them GWT independent, and utilize the GWT API from a particular view object to render on screen.
User roles implemented: JAAS implementations for JBoss and Jetty are available now as stated in my last post. The jBPM Installer inside my fork has the necessary implementations for JBoss, and the Jetty implementations are available to start up the project from the Debug mode in the Eclipse Plugin. Profiles are created as described previously: web designer and functional analyst. Web designer has all the functions available (can define forms, custom menu items and use any item available), while functional analyst can only define forms using the menu items authorized by the web designer.

The whole idea behind these components will be to facilitate web designers to administrate component standarization from inside the form builder.
And here’s some of the next items on the to do list:

HTML5 templates: Current form generation templates for Freemarker work with HTML4. There will be a new set of them that will use HTML5, which will probably lead to new menu items to fully cover HTML5 components.
More script helpers: Current script helpers allow to make an easy implementation of an ajax service call, a combobox population ajax call, and to toggle visualization of  a particular component (selected by id). There will be more script helpers, focused on creating new visual components on runtime and live validation of fields. And that’s where the next one falls in
More validations: We had a few simple validations to start checking where to store them and what to do with them. Now that they seem to reach a plateau where no major refactor is needed, it is a good moment to start adding a lot more validations to the ones that are already there.

That will be all for now. Cheers!


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