Wumpus World

I’ve just committed a working version of Wumpus World, an AI example covered in in the book “Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach”. It’s not complete yet, as I still need to add the ability to shoot arrows and to clumb out of the cave. But the rest of it is there and working.

When the game first starst all the cells are greyed out. As you walk around they become visible. The cave has pitts, a wumpus and gold. When you are next to a pittt you will feel a breeze, when you are next to the wumpus you will smell a stench and see glitter when next to gold. The sensor icons are shown above the move buttons. If you walk into a pitt or the wumpus, you die.

Here are the slides that I used in my presentation for Wumpus World, along with a demo, at Judcon India 2012. The code will be part of 5.4 beta 2 going out today/tomorrow.

A more detailed overview of Wumpus World can be found here.



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