Guvnor – Improved default value handling

Some things start simple.

Take the “Default Value Editor” for example. This simple editor provides the means to define a default value for columns’ cell values for the Guided Decision Table editor. When a new row is inserted the cell assumes it’s default value. Simple.

The Default Value Editor has always been a TextBox and it was time it was improved to be consistent with the new improved “typed” editors used through-out Guvnor (with CR1 looming more extensive enhancements take a back seat).

The requirement was simple: make the editor suitable for the data-type of the column.

After the first day of re-factoring it became apparent things were not going to be quite as simple as I’d hoped. Things needing consideration:-

  • If a “Value List” is provided, the default value needs to be one of the values in the list
  • If the column represents a field with an enumeration the default value must be one of the enumeration’s members
  • If the column uses an operator that does not need a value (e.g. “is null”) a default value cannot be provided
  • If the column field is a “dependent enumeration” the default value must be one of the permitted values based upon parent enumeration default values, if any.
  • Default values are not required for Limited Entry tables.
  • Default values always remain optional.
  • Default values can be defined in either the Guided Decision Table editor or the Guided Decision Table Wizard.

The changes are now complete and committed to github in time for the CR1 branch. If you use decision tables, if you use default values be sure to check it out before Final.

Setting the default value of a Date column

Setting the default value of a cell with a Value List

What started as a quick enhancement before CR1 turned out to be more extensive than expected.


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