JAX 2012, April 16-20th, Germany

I’ll be giving a presentation on the JAX conference this year in Germany. I’ll be giving an overview of not just business processes, but also business rules and complex event processing, and how they all come together in the JBoss BRMS / BPMS product. So if you’re already planning to go to that conference, make sure to add it to your time planner and I hope to see you there :)

Business Processes, Business Rules, Complex Event Processing with JBoss

Kris Verlaenen Red Hat

17.04.2012 | 11:45 – 12:45 Uhr

JBoss’s Business Rules Management System, BRMS, integrates various community projects such as Drools and jBPM bringing together a unique combination of business processes, business rules and complex event processing, unavailable elsewhere in the industry. Delivered in a single open source distribution and accessible from a common set of authoring tools, with JBoss BRMS customers can combine business processes, business rules and event processing in support of a broad range of decision management and process driven applications. This session explores the use cases for the BRMS, the benefits for the customer, and we will walk through many of the new features now available to enterprise developers. The discussion will center around the many powerful solutions that can be built leveraging rules, complex events, business process automation and the combination of the three. A special focus will be on the new BPM features that are coming with the integration of jBPM5 / BPMN2.0 into version 5.3 of BRMS.


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