JBoss Community Recognition Awards

This year, Mariano De Mayo has been nominated for the JBoss Community Recognition Awards, in the category New Features, for all the hard work he put into creating the new graphical form builder for jBPM:

Mariano De Maio – jBPM
Mariano De Maio has contributed a new graphical form builder component to the jBPM project. Mariano works for OSDE, the largest healthcare organization in Argentina, and they are using jBPM and Drools in this context and enabled Mariano to work on this full time for about a year. Task forms are necessary in the jBPM project whenever human actors participate in a business process and need to perform certain tasks and possibly fill in related results. Mariano developed a new web-based editor that allows non-technical users to define these task forms using a graphical editor where you can drag-and-drop building blocks (label, text fields, tables, dates, images, etc.) onto a task form. He added support for automatic form generation, input validation, triggers, loading form data from various sources, previews, and much more. This new component is now integrated with the other jBPM components, so business users can define these forms alongside their process definitions in Guvnor, and see these forms show up when performing their tasks at runtime in the jBPM console. The form builder is delivered as one of the mayor new features in the jBPM 5.3 release and we would like to thank Mariano for his significant contribution. To get an idea of the capabilities of the form builder, please take a look at some screencast of the form builder in action at http://vimeo.com/marianbuenosayres/videos

I’d like to ask everyone to help us so we can give him the credit he deserves and go to the JBoss Community Recognition Awards page, log in with your jboss.org community account and give him a vote 🙂 Hurry, there’s only a few more days left (until April 18, 5:00 p.m. ET)!

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