jBPM presentations and workshops (June 2012)

There will be several jBPM related presentations next month, so now is your chance to come and listen, meet the team and ask all your difficult questions 😉
  • First of all, I’ll be doing a presentation on jBPM on JBossWorld, the large JBoss / Red Hat conference in Boston, June 26th – 29th, featuring talks about probably all JBoss projects.  So don’t miss it, and feel free to jump in for my presentation.  There are tons of other interesting presentations as well, some of them might touch on jBPM as well, like for example how to combine processes and rules.
    We’re also meeting with the jBPM and Drools team on the last day of the conference for a true codeathon, so bring your laptop and join us.
  • Before JBossWorld, there is going to be another JUDCon (June 25th – 26th) in Boston as well, targeted towards (and by) developers that really want to get to know the details of how everything works.  We have three jBPM presentations in the Rules, Workflow, SOA track on the second day (by Tihomir, Maciej and myself).
  • I can already share that we’ll also have two jBPM and Drools workshops the week before that, one in New York and one in Washington, like last year.  Details will be shared soon, but these will give you a unique opportunity to get a day long training (presentations + workshop exercises) from the core team itself.
Hope to see you on one of those occasions.

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