Thank you jBPM contributors !

One of the advantages of open-source is the concept of contributions.  There are several benefits, where we create a win-win solution:
  • if you think some features is missing, you can add it yourself and contribute it back, so that other people can benefit as well
  • you don’t have to maintain these additional code yourself, but once accepted, the project will evolve it as part of the code base
  • you benefit from further enhancements built on top of your contributions as well
And therefore, I’d like to thank two of our recent contributors.
Toshiya Kobayashi added support for internationalization to the jBPM Designer, and added a Japanese translation.  Having a localized version of the tooling is extremely important in some areas, and we are very happy to be able to deliver this now.  Should any of you see value in a translation in another language and would like to contribute, let us know.
Saiful Omar (@msaifulomar), a Lecturer of Institute Technology Brunei who is doing his PhD studies at Loughborough University, United Kingdom, is working on a novel Compliance and Adaptive Workflow System that will utilize jBPM.  As part of his system, which is using the jBPM Designer for process modelling, Saiful was in need to have the ability to lock parts of his process model in order to prevent their further editing.  He discussed that with us and we felt that it would be a great feature to add to the jBPM Designer. Here’s a screenshot of it in action.

Should you have a great idea you’d like to work on, or just have an urge you can’t suppress now as well to do a contribution yourself, but don’t really know where to start, just let us know.  You can come chat with use at #jbpm
Thanks guys !


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