Dr. Douglas Lenat (Cyc) joins Dr. Robert Greenes to keynote IntelliFest 2012

I’m very excited that this year Dr. Douglas Lenat will be one of the keynote Speakers. Dr Lenat is the founder of the gound breaking AI project  Cyc:
Cyc is an artificial intelligence project that attempts to assemble a comprehensive ontology and knowledge base of everyday common sense knowledge, with the goal of enabling AI applications to perform human-like reasoning.” (wikipedia)
Dr. Douglas Lenat joins Dr Robert Greenes, a biomedical and infomatics star from Arizona State University, who will be keynoting the Healthcare day.

The healthcare day is being co-chaired by Emory Fry, MD and Dr Davide Sottara, and request for presentations is now open. Please send your healthcare and medical submissions to the following emails: 
to: eafry at gmx d0t com. 
cc: dsotty at gmail d0t com, mproctor at codehaus d0t org.


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