JUDCon2012 – Boston

JUDCon 2012 in Boston was a great place to meet with fellow developers and discuss about future of jBPM. I had a pleasure to give a talk about experimental project that I have been working on for quite some time, but unfortunately not enough time was spent on it. Anyway, I gave a introduction to the project that I use to call jbpm enterprise.

The goal of this project is to provide comprehensive BPM platform on top of jBPM and Drools projects to leverage the most of them in the enterprise (Java EE) environment. So what it does?

  • First of all it bundles jbpm and drools (together with all dependencies) into JBoss Module. 
  • Next it provides very tiny layer that abstracts knowledge api and provides simplified interfaces to interact with execution engine (execution engine is knowledge base with sessions enclosed by an component with additional characteristics – more in presentation)
  • exposes some services via OSGi service repository
  • provides maven archetypes to build your components that utilize the platform over OSGi service registry
    • bundle archetype that is dedicated to put you process/rules/events logic in
    • web application archetype that makes use of the platform (starts, signal processes, etc)

More details can be found in the presentation from the JUDCon2012 conference.

If some one would like to give it a test drive please find a downloadable artefacts and short guide here.

Have fun and as usual comments are welcome.

In this case your feedback is even more important to see if that is something that community expects.

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