Voice-driven BPM with jBPM Designer

Have you ever thought of modelling your business processes using your voice? Alternative input methods have always been a part of Assistive Technology but are moving more and more into the “mainstream” user experiences. Just think how many of you speak into your iPhone every day now? :)
Using our voice is the most natural way of communication and now it can also be part of your BPM modelling efforts with the addition of Voice-driven BPM modelling in the jBPM Designer.
Below is a video showing this new feature:

The voice commands are fully user-configurable, however currently only the English language is supported.
Note that this feature is experimental and still subject to change and enhancements. You can start using it now however by cloning and building the jBPM Designer from its GitHub repo.
jBPM Designer is a free and open-source project and if you are interested in contributing to this or many other cool features, hit us up on IRC to get started.


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