jBPM: What did I miss last 2 weeks?

I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks (was able to escape the Belgian weather and enjoy some France “joie de vivre”), and this time I decided to really leave work behind while on vacation.  That means I’ll probably be catching up on email for about a week or so, but the rest of the team hasn’t been slacking, so what did I miss?
  • Tihomir has been experimenting with voice-driven BPM in the Designer, where you can use voice commands to create your processes.  This is still our first, experimental attempt at including something like this during the modelling phase, but I definitely believe this will be useful for some of you (although I don’t think everyone will all of a sudden start talking to their laptop ;)).  Click on the link above to see a screencast of it in action.
  • Mauricio has written a series of blog entries on how processes and rules (or rules and processes) integrate (part1, part2 and part3).  It starts with some examples on how processes and rules can be combined, and then goes into detail on how most BPM systems do it, and some of the more advanced features that are available in jBPM to do more advanced integration as well.
  • Maciej did a blog post about his presentation at JUDCon Boston this year on what he calls jBPM enterprise, which tries to improve the integration into Java EE environments.  It bundles jBPM and Drools into JBoss Modules and uses OSGi and maven archetypes to create a web application on top.
  • Mauricio describes the current state of the jBPM form builder in this blog post, where he explains how you can use the form builder without depending on guvnor and how you can integrate forms in your own web application.  Click on the link above to see the associated video.
  • Finally, Tihomir describes how task form editing can be done inline in the web designer, so while modelling your process, using a simple HTML template editor (with features like code completion and live preview) and customizable form widgets.  Also includes a screencast of it in action, including a process form for use on mobile.  Next is integration of the form builder as an option there too.
I should go on vacation more often it seems ;)


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