Business Process Simulation in jBPM Designer

We have added a new and exciting feature to jBPM and the jBPM Designer:  Business Process Simulation.

This is still an experimental feature and subject to changes, so community input and involvement is very important. 
Business Process Simulation allows you to to simulate your process models, and view helpful simulation results that can guide you to improving your models as well as be able to better understand and describe them to your peers and/or customers.
The below video showcases this new feature. Please give us your feedback by either posting your questions/opinions here or hit us up on the jBPM user mailing list, IRC, or the jBPM user forum.

Some important features of jBPM Simulation in Designer:
* Awesome Simulation engine that is based on and uses jBPM 5
* Easy to work with and extend
You can start using this new feature now by building the jBPM Designer from source. To do that run:

git clone
cd jbpm-designer
mvn clean install
and use one of the three different wars generated in the /target directory. You can use jBPM Designer with Drools Guvnor 5.3.x, 5.4.x and 5.5.x.
Enjoy :)


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