jBPM 6 workshops

I would like to inform that there will be some workshops regarding upcoming jBPM version 6 where you can gather some insight into what’s in it for you.

There are currently two workshops scheduled:

  • 12 of October in Warsaw, Poland
  • 23-24 of October in London, UK
Workshop in Poland will be carried as part of Warsjava 2013 conference where besides “Introduction to jBPM 6” a lot more can be found. Unfortunately the conference is by default in Polish but I guess when there will be any non polish speaking attendees there won’t be any issues to take it in English. I’ll be giving the presentation and workshop for jBPM 6 at this year’s Warsjava.
Workshops in London will be taken obviously in English and there will be lot of possibilities to learn a lot about the development in the projects. Presented by Mauricio “Salaboy” Salatino and Michael Anstis so an event you can’t miss.
Please take a look at the content and register as places are limited.

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