Embedding process forms in your application

Pere has shared some details on a new feature he’s working on for the jBPM 6.1 release, i.e. the ability to embed a form (to start a process or to complete a task) as part of your own application.
With jBPM6, a new form modeler allows you to graphically design your process and task forms (using a WYSIWYG style of editor, dragging an dropping text fields, labels, etc. to create your form).  These forms are then used in the jbpm-console to typically ask the end user for input (when you start a process or complete a task).
For example, this form was designed to allow users to request a mortgage by starting the mortgage process.
Pere is developing a simple REST service that will generate a URL that you can use to show the form (that you designed as part of the process) in an iframe in your own application as well.  It also includes a simple JavaScript API you can use to communicate with the form.
Keep an eye on his blog, as this is just part 1, more details to follow.  Feedback welcome.


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