London Community Event (May 26th – 30th)

During next week a large percentage of the Drools team, some of the jBPM team and some community members will be meeting in London (Chiswick). There won’t be any presentations, we’ll just be in a room hacking, designing, exchanging ideas and planing. This is open to community members who wish to contribute towards Drools or jBPM, and want help with those contributions. This also includes people working on open source or academic projects that utilise Drools or jBPM. Email Mark (mproctor at codehaus d0t org) if you want to attend, our locations may very (but within chiswick) each day.
We will not be able to make the day time available to people looking for general Drools or jBPM guidance (unless you want to buy us all lunch ;)). But we will be organising evenings things (like bowling) and could make Wed or Thu evening open to people wanting general chats and advice. Email Mark if you’re interested, and after discussing with the team, we’ll let you know.

Those currently attending:
Mark Proctor (mon-fri) Group architect
Edson Tirelli (mon-fri) Drools backend, and project lead
Mario Fusco (mon-fri) Drools backend
Davide Sottara (wed-fri) Drools backend
Alex Porcelli (mon-fri) Drools UI
Michael Anstis (thu-fri) Drools UI
Kris Verlaenen (wed-thu) jBPM project lead
Mauricio Salatino (mon-fri) jBPM tasks and general UI
Jeremy Lindop (wed-thu) jBPM designer (new hire)

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