Contributor dashboards coming

The dashboard-builder is used in the jBPM project to offer customizable reports regarding overall status of your processes (using predefined process reports integrated into the jBPM console), but can also be customized by users to define custom, domain-specific reports on whatever data you have available.
David has created a great video on how to use the dashbuilder for example to get insight in changes people are doing to git repositories, and published this video showing for example the activity on various jBPM-related source code repositories over the past few years:

Internally, the workbench is also using a git repository underneath to keep track of the various changes users are doing to their processes etc. in their projects.  jBPM 6.2 will include a similar page that can be used to get an overview of who is changing which repositories / projects and drill down into the details, a short video can be found here.
New activity pages can also be used to get an overview of recent changes.  Activity pages, that provides insight into projects.

The first Activity page captures events and publishes them as timelines, as a sort of social activities system – which was previous blogged in detail here. This allows events such as “new repository” or “file edited” to be captured, indexed and filtered to be displayed in custom user dashboards. It will come with a number of out of the box filters, but should be user extensible over time.

 (click to enlarge)

Early versions of both features should be ready to test drive in the up coming 6.2.0.Beta2 release, end of next week.

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