Workbench Multi Module Project Structure Support

The upcoming Drools and jBPM community 6.2 release will be adding support for Maven multi-module projects. Walter has prepared a video, showing the work in progress. While not shown in this video, the multi-module projects will have managed support to assist with automating version updates, releases, and will have full support for multiple version streams across GIT branches.

There is no audio, but it’s fairly self explanatory. The video starts by creating a single project, and then showing how the wizard can convert it to a multi-module project. It then proceeds to add and edit modules, also demonstrating how the parent pom information is configured. The video also shows how this can work across different repositories without a problem – each with their own project structure page. Repositories can also be unmanaged, which allows for user created single projects, much as we have now with  6.0 and 6.1, which means previous repositories will still continue to work as they did before.

Don’t forget to switch the video to 720p, and watch it full screen. Youtube does not always select that by default, and the video is fuzzy without it.

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