The Drools and jBPM KIE Apps Framework

With the Drools and jBPM (KIE) 6 series came a new workbench, with the promise of eventual end user extensibility. I finally have some teaser videos to show this working and what’s in store. Make sure you select 1080p and go full screen to see them at their best.

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What you seen in these videos is the same workbench available on the Drools video’s page. Once this stuff is released you’ll be able to extend an existing Drools or JBPM (KIE) installation or make a new one from scratch that doesn’t have Drools or jBPM in it – i.e. the workbench and it’s extension stuff is available standalone, and you get to chose which plugins you do or don’t want.

Here is demo showing the new Bootstrap dynamic grid view builder used to build a perspective, which now doubles as an app. It uses the new RAD, JSFiddle inspired, environment to author a simple AngularJS plugin extension. This all writes to a GIT backend, so you could author these with Intellij or Eclipse and just push it back into the GIT repo. It then demonstrates the creation of a dynamic menu and registers our app there. It then also demonstrates the new app directory. Apps are given labels and can then be discovered in the apps directory – instead, or as well as, top menu entries. Over 2015 we’ll be building a case management system which will compliment this perfect as the domain front end – all creating a fantastic Self Service Software platform.

Here is a slightly early video showing our app builder working with DashBuilder,

Other components such as our Human Tasks and Forms will be available too. We Also have some cool infrastructure coming event publication and capture and timeline reporting, so you visualise social activity within your organization – you’ll be able to place time timeline components you see in this blog, on your app pages:

All this is driven by our new project UberFire, which provides the workbench infrastructure for all of this. The project is not yet announced or released, but will do so soon – the website is currently just a placeholder, we’ll blog as soon as there is something to see  đź™‚


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