jBPM talk and workshop at DevConf 2015

I am happy to announce that a talk and workshop about jBPM 6 has been accepted at DevConf 2015 in Brno.

Talk: jBPM – BPM Swiss knife

During the presentation jBPM will be introduced from the Process Engine & framework perspective.The main goal of the session is to share with the community of developers how they can improve their systems implementations and integrations by using a high level, business oriented methodology that will help to improve the performance of the company. jBPM will help to keep the infrastructural code organized and decoupled from the business knowledge. During the presentation the new APIs and new modules in jBPM version 6 will be introduced for the audience to have a clear spectrum of the tools provided.
Speaker: Maciej Swiderski

Workshop: Get your hands dirty with jBPM 

This is continuation of the presentation of jBPM (jBPM – BPM swiss knife) that introduces to jBPM while this is mainly focused on making use of that knowledge in real cases. On this workshop users will be able to see in action jBPM from both perspectives:

  • as a services when jBPM is used as BPM platform
  • as embedded when jBPM is used as a framework in custom applications

This workshop is intended to give a quick start with jBPM and help users to decide which approach is most suitable for their needs.

Jiri Svitak
Maciej Swiderski
Radovan Synek
Schedule for the complete conference can be found here. See you there!!!

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