jBPM 6.2.0.Final released!

Last Friday (06.03.2015) jBPM 6.2.0.Final has been released.

It comes with large number of bug fixes and quite a list of new features, to name just few:

  • improved services layer that support various framework add ons
    • CDI
    • EJB
    • Spring
  • jbpm executor improvements and fixes to allow it to run time based reoccurring jobs and be executed in Spring environment
  • improved usability and stability of the KIE workbench application
  • Container support
    • JBoss EAP
    • Wildfly
    • Tomcat
    • WebSphere
    • Weblogic
  • and more that you can find here.
For bug fixes see change log (look at all versions that starts with 6.2.0…).

Let’s get started with latest and greatest! … in three steps

Step 1: Download

First you need to download it:

Step 2: Read and learn

Learn more about jBPM and it’s various components by following latest version of documentation

Step 3: Try it

the best way to start is to follow jBPM installer chapter in documentation, but if you’re already running jBPM 6.1 you can take a look at this article that provides you with some useful hints on installation and upgrade procedure.

Not only jBPM

At the same time Drools and Optaplanner 6.2.0.Final has been released as well. Checkout their web pages to learn more.

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