JBoss BPM Suite v6.1 available

Last week, Red Hat annouced the official release of JBoss BPM Suite v6.1. This brings you (almost) all of the new features that came in jBPM 6.1 and 6.2 into the supported offering.
You can take a look at the release notes of jBPM 6.1 and jBPM 6.2 to see all the details, but at a (very) high level this for example brings you new features:
  • Document attachments: attach documents to forms and manage them in your processes
  • Embeddable forms: embed process and task forms in your own application
  • Remote EJB + WS interfaces
  • Camel service tasks
  • Social features: profile page, follow other people using event streams, etc.
  • Customizable workbench: extend the workbench web UI with your own views
  • Asset management [Tech Preview]: manage assets moving from a development branch into a production branch before being pushed into production
  • Certification on top of EAP 6.4, WebLogic, Fuse and Java8
A lot of effort was also put into stabilizing and improving existing features.

Since JBoss BPM Suite is a super-set of JBoss BRMS, you get an integrated solution that offers  support for your business rules, complex event processing and optimization problems as well (based on Drools and Optaplanner v6.2).   This for example introduces a new ‘realtime decision server’ as part of BRMS 6.1.
If you want to know more, take a look at the following page:

Eric also posted a blog with some more details and a bunch of examples to get started !

Below are some slides that list most of the features.


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