jBPM talk at JBCNConf- polyglot and reactive jBPM

With recent trend to move to lightweight, container-less runtime environments, jBPM to prove it does not stand out from this approach came up with integration with Vert.x (2.x). This integration is to show users how to move towards reactive, event driven application without a need to run on any container but still use BPM capabilities.

So if you’re interested how this looks like join as at JBCNConf – Barcelona, 26 – 27 June / 2015.

Together with Mauricio “Salaboy” Salatino we are going to introduce you to “Polyglot and reactive jBPM“. This talk is intended for developers to give basic information about both jBPM and Vert.x and how they work together.
As part of the talk (actually bigger part of the talk) we will perform live demo that will illustrate:

  • jBPM as vert.x module
  • running jBPM projects (aka kjars) inside vert.x instance – one kjar one instance
  • use of clustered vert.x event bus to exchange information between jBPM projects on runtime
  • integration with KIE workbench to prove you can combine these two without affecting each other
  • use of different languages (Java, JavaScript, Groovy, Scala, Ceylon)  to interact with jBPM running on vert.x
So come and join us to see jBPM and Vert.x in action!

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