Extending UberFire with AngularJS for the BPMS Domain

You can now see Alex’s talk, originally created by Kris, showing how to extend UberFire (UF) with AngularJS for the BPMS Domain, using Red Hat BPMS (productized version of jBPM). Everything is built live and in real time.
We are making great progress with our UF documentation, including tutorials. UF forms the core of our extensible UI architecture, it can be used standalone or to extend Drools or jBPM workbenches.
This work was made possible by our polyglot interoperability work for our UF framework, which we show in detail here:
The full UF docs are here, there has been a big update recently, as well as new tutorials. The empty sections will be filled in over next few days:
A recent generated PDF can be found here:

We should be close to a formal launch in a few weeks. The remaining items are:
-GWT 2.8 upgrade
-Move to new L&F theme
-Merge in Tool Windows.
-Move GWTExport to @JsType
-Mege in JS-UI


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