Community extension to KIE Server – welcome Apache Thrift

In previous articles about KIE Server I described how it can be extended to bring in more features to it, starting with enhanced REST endpoints, through building addition transport layers, and finishing at building custom kie server client implementations.

It didn’t take long and we got official confirmation that it works!!!

Maurice Betzel, has done excellent job and implemented KIE Server extensions that brings in Apache Thrift into the picture. That allowed him to bridge the gap between Java and PHP to make use of rule evaluation using KIE Server.

KIE Server with Apache Thrift

I’d like to encourage every one to look at detailed description about Maurice’s work and take it for a spin to see how powerful it is.

All the credit goes to Maurice and I’d like to thank you as well for keeping me in the loop and verifying extensions mechanism of KIE Server in real life.

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