Process-driven applications on Red Hat Summit 2016

Next week (June 27 – July 1st 2016), Red Hat Summit and DevNation are taking place again, in San Francisco.  As usual, it’s a huge event with a ton of interesting talks.  Learn the latest and greatest from all different products Red Hat offers (cloud, data, automation, integration, you name it), with something for everyone (admins, architects, managers, etc.).
I’ll be doing a session on Tuesday June 28, 3:30 – 4.30pm, on Process-driven applications: let BPM do some of your work.  It will be a (quick) overview of what we’ve been building out over the last few years with jBPM (and Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite as the product offering) and how you can use it to build your applications.  But we give you the option to choose which building blocks you find valuable, and keep trying to add more and more value (for example in the context of case management or rapid application development).
I hope to see some of you in San Francisco, feel free to come and ask questions at my session, try to find me (or some of the other engineering team members) at the middleware booth, just say hi if you see me walking around somewhere or drop me a message if you can’t find me but would like to meet up ;)
There are a lot of other interesting session, but highlighting a few others that are related (in chronological order):


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