Drools, jBPM and Optaplanner are switching to agile delivery!

Edson recently blogged about how Drools, jBPM and Optaplanner are moving towards a more agile delivery.  The goal is to be able to release new features much quicker and more often to the community, by having monthly community releases.
Since this obviously has an impact to our entire community (hopefully overall a positive impact of course ;)), wanted to highlight some of the most important consequences as well:
  • More frequent releases gives the community earlier access to new features
  • Reducing the scope of each release allows us to do more predictable releases
  • Since bug fixes as usual are included in each release as well, users will be able to pick those up quicker as well
As a result, starting with v7.0 a few weeks ago, you should see releases more often now.  It does mean that each individual release will be smaller in size.  But overall we believe we will be able to deliver new features and fixes faster and more predictable !
Feel free to take a look at Edson’s blog for a little more details.

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