Maven plugins for KIE Server

Since version 7 of jBPM KIE Server is the only execution server available by default thus it’s getting more and more traction. With that in mind there is a need to have it more aligned with CI/CD pipelines to allow simple integration with runtime environments.

To help with that two maven plugins were built:

the main purpose of these plugins is to enable simple deployment (and not only deployment) of kjars into KIE Servers. 
First one is dedicated for unmanaged KIE Servers as that plugin interacts directly with KIE Server REST api. While the second one targets managed KIE Servers as it interacts with KIE Controller (either one in workbench/business central or standalone controller).
These maven plugins can be used to perform deployment of kjar to execution server directly from within a build pipeline. 
Both plugins have comprehensive documentation (see links above) but just for completeness I’d like to list their capabilities in this article:

KIE Server Deploy Maven Plugin

  • deploy –  deploy kjar to runtime environment
  • dispose – dispose running kjar (kie container) in runtime environment
  • update – update version of running kjar (kie container) in runtime environment

KIE Server Controller Deploy Maven Plugin

  • get-template – retrieves existing server templates from controller
  • create-template – creates new server templates with set of containers 
  • delete-template – removes server template
  • get-containers – retrieves containers in given server template
  • get-container – retrieves given container from server template
  • create-container – create new container in given server template
  • delete-container – delete container from given server template
  • start-container – starts container in given server template
  • stop-container – stops container in given server template
  • deploy-container – creates and starts container in given server template
  • dispose-container – stops and removes container from given server template 

    Contribution – a win win situation!

    And now the most important part – these Maven plugins were added by Fabio Massimo as contributions to KIE projects. So I’d like to thank Fabio for his outstanding work and excellent addition to projects. 
    This clearly shows how valuable contributions are! With that I’d like to encourage others to follow Fabio and share with others community members great stuff you all have done or plan to do!


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