Spring Boot starters for jBPM and KIE Server

jBPM supports Spring (and Spring Boot) for quite a while but it didn’t provide it based on Spring Boot way – auto configuration and starters.

With upcoming release (7.6.0) this has changed. Now there are fully featured starters (based on auto configuration modules) for:

  • jBPM embedded
  • fully featured KIE Server
  • rules only KIE Server (Drools)
  • rules, processes and cases KIE Server (jBPM)
  • planning KIE Server (OptaPlanner)
You can very easily get started with these by using Spring Initializr (https://start.spring.io) where you can generate a complete project with all needed to get it running.
Have a look at this quick screencast that shows it in action.

Next take some time to read up guides for starters:
  • jBPM business process management – embedded engine
    •  groupId: org.kie
    •  artifactId: jbpm-spring-boot-starter-basic
    •  Guide
  • Fully featured KIE Server (Drools, jBPM, Optaplanner)
    •  groupId: org.kie
    •  artifactId: kie-server-spring-boot-starter
    •  Guide
  • Rules and Decisions KIE Server (Drools, DMN)
    •   groupId: org.kie
    •   artifactId: kie-server-spring-boot-starter-drools
    •   Guide
  • Rules and Decisions, Process and Cases KIE Server (Drools, DMN, jBPM, Case mgmt)
    •  groupId: org.kie
    •  artifactId: kie-server-spring-boot-starter-jbpm
    •  Guide
  • Planning KIE Server (Optaplanner)
    •  groupId: org.kie
    •  artifactId: kie-server-spring-boot-starter-optaplanner
    •  Guide

Last but not least, take a look at samples that are in the code base – especially one worth noting is KIE Server secured with Keycloak!
Stay tuned as more will come!


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