bpmNext 2018 day 1 videos are already online!

The organization of bpmNEXT 2018 is outdoing themselves! The videos from the first day of the conference are already available.

In particular, the presentations from Denis Gagné, Bruce Silver and Edson Tirelli are directly related to Drools with content related to DMN. I also recommend the presentation from Vanessa Bridge, as it is related to BPM and the research we’ve been doing on blockchain.

Smarter Contracts with DMN: Edson Tirelli, Red Hat https://youtu.be/tdpZgbQbF9Q

Timing the Stock Market with DMN: Bruce Silver, methodandstyle.com https://youtu.be/vHCIC1HGbHQ

Decision as a Service (DaaS): The DMN Platform Revolution: Denis Gagné, Trisotech https://youtu.be/sYAIcBhVhIc

Secure, Private, Decentralized Business Processes for Blockchains: Vanessa Bridge, ConsenSys 

The Future of Process in Digital Business: Jim Sinur, Aragon Research https://youtu.be/iBJBbXeVYUA

A New Architecture for Automation: Neil Ward-Dutton, MWD Advisors https://youtu.be/-AeijpL4b98

Turn IoT Technology into Operational Capability: Pieter van Schalkwyk, XMPro https://youtu.be/G7C01e8qyac

Business Milestones as Configuration: Joby O’Brien and Scott Menter, BPLogix https://youtu.be/D_heO33fyC0

Designing the Data-Driven Company: Elmar Nathe, MID GmbH https://youtu.be/zb__xVsOEA0

Using Customer Journeys to Connect Theory with Reality: Till Reiter and Enrico Teterra, Signavio 


Discovering the Organizational DNA: Jude Chagas Pereira, IYCON; Frank Kowalkowski, KCI https://youtu.be/NsCDgKPsTCs


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