Red Hat Summit in San Francisco 2018 (May 8th – 10th)

This year, Red Hat summit is again in San Francisco, and I’m excited to be able to attend again.  We’re kicking off today, but I personally have a presentation on Thursday afternoon (co-speaking with a customer on our BPM cloud strategy), and a jBPM Birds of Feather session on Wednesday with Maciej (where anyone can just walk in to come and talk or ask questions), but more about that later.
We’re kicking off with the keynotes.  If you’re interested, you can watch the keynotes live at (or in replay later). This first keynote already includes a live demo (by Burr Sutter and team) showing a true hybrid cloud (combining private and public cloud).
And an awesome extra: this year Business Optimizer (Optaplanner) is used for scheduling all the different sessions, and got a honorable mention by Jim Whitehurst during his keynote. 

“It really is a fenomenal tool!”
Jim Whitehurst – Red Hat President and CEO

 Business Optimizer is part of our Red Hat Process Automation Manager product (formerly known as Red Hat BPM Suite).  Congratulations to the team!
This year has record attendance (7.000+), a ton of breakout sessions (325) and even more opportunities to talk to the experts directly.  If you are around and would like to talk, we’ll be happy to see you in one of our sessions !  There’s quite a few people from our team here, to try and help you with whatever questions you might have.
Antonio Valle Gutierrez (BBVA), Marcos Regidor, Kris Verlaenen (Red Hat)
Kris Verlaenen, Maciej Swiderski (Red Hat) – Moscone West – 2103
So just reach out (at the booth or through social media) and we would love to hear your thoughts.  Hope to see you here !

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