single zip distribution for jBPM

To simplify getting started experience for users I’d like to showcase a single zip distribution that includes:

  • WildFly server (at the moment version 11.0.0.Final)
  • workbench (aka jbpm console)
  • kie server with all capabilities enabled
  • jBPM case management show case application
All of them are perfectly configured and ready to run with just single and short command:
or on windows
The only thing user needs to do is download, unzip and run!
But that’s not all that comes with this single zip distribution – it comes with very handy scripts that allow to switch to different databases as easy as just one click.
There are three databases supported out of the box:
  • H2 – default with file based data base stored under WILDFLY_HOME/standalone/data
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
MySQL and PostgreSQL must be installed before use. Moreover the scripts assume following values:

  • host -> localhost
  • port -> 3306 for MySQL and 5432 for PostgreSQL
  • database name -> jbpm
  • user name -> jbpm
  • password -> jbpm
in case the values are not correct, edit them in the script files 
  • jbpm-mysql-config.cli for MySQL 
  • jbpm-postgres-config.cli for PostgreSQL 
in both scripts values to be updated are on line 17 and these are located under WILDFLY_HOME/bin.
To switch to MySQL stop the server and use following command when server is stopped
<WILDFLY_HOME>/bin/ –file=jbpm-mysql-config.cli           (Unix / Linux)
<WILDFLY_HOME>binjboss-cli.bat –file=jbpm-mysql-config.cli     (Windows)
To switch to PostgreSQL stop the server and  use following command when server is stopped
<WILDFLY_HOME>/bin/ –file=jbpm-postgres-config.cli      (Unix / Linux)
<WILDFLY_HOME>binjboss-cli.bat –file=jbpm-postgres-config.cli     (Windows)
next, start the server again and all your data will be stored in external database.
All this in action can be seen in this “not so short” screencast

As usual feedback welcome and please share your opinion if you’d like to see this in the official distribution of jBPM.
For those that would like to give it a go directly here is the project – just clone it and build locally – in case you want to use another version of jBPM change property named kie.version to the version number you want to use.


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