Starting your jBPM Business Application as a Service

In addition to starting your jBPM Business Application generated via using the provided launch scripts, for example:

./ clean install for unix or launch.bat clean install for windows, you can also start and manage your business application as a service. This provides you with extra control of your app especially in production environments. 

Weather you are on Unix based system, Windows, or OSX the first step is to configure the business application to generate a fully executable jar. To do this locate your service module of your business app and modify its pom.xml to configure the spring-boot-maven-plugin as follows:

With this configuration building your business app will produce a fully executable jar. 
Now let’s see how we can start the business app as a service under different operating systems.
1. Unix/Linux Service
Here we have two options, using init.d or systemd . 
a) To install our business app as an init.d service we need to create symlink to our executable jar, for example (using the default setup on
sudo ln -s ~/business-application/business-application-service/target/

after this you can start your business app with for example:
service business-application-service-1.0.SNAPSHOT.jar start

b) To install our business app as a systemd service we need to create a script called business-application-service-1.0.SNAPSHOT.service in the on-service-1.0.SNAPS directory (again we assume the default business app setup, the actual name has to reflect the real app name you have created during app creation on  
The script could look as follows:



Don’t forget to change the description, user and execstart parameters to match your installation.
Now we can tell systemd to start our business app on system boot with for example:
systemctl enable business-application-service-1.0.SNAPSHOT.service

2. Windows Service
You can start your business application as a Windows service using winsw command. For details on how to do this please read detailed instructions on

3. OSX Service
If you are on OSX, you can use the launchctl command. To get started first we need to create our launch configuration under ~/Library/LaunchAgents directory. So let’s create a launch config file called business-application-service-1.0.SNAPSHOT.plist which can look as follows (again, assuming the default generation settings):
With the launch config created log out with your current user and log back in. Your business application has been started and you can right away access it under locahost:8090 in your browser. 
You can manage your business app service at this point using the launchctl command. For example to stop our business app service we would run:
launchctl stop business-application-service-1.0-SNAPSHOT

and to stop our business application from being started automatically on system startup/login we can simply remove our launch configuration .plist file from ~/Library/LaunchAgents directory.
Hope this information is useful to some of you guys when choosing options on how to launch/deploy/manage your jBPM Business Applications.


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