Using React as frontend for jBPM Business Apps

React is a very popular and powerful JavaScript framework and is currently one of the best frontend development frameworks out there.

In this demo we show how you can easily integrate React into your existing or new jBPM Business Application and consume data from the the out-of-the-box Rest services via React components.

React Demo 

As usual all the sources of this demo are on GitHub.
The demo integrates the React front-end app with the service module of your jBPM Business application via the frontend-maven-plugin and then bundles its resources in the generated business app jar. This way you can just start your business app with the provided launch scripts and both React frontend and your business app backend will be available and started together.

When building the demo the same plugin will also attempt to install node and npm (which are needed for React apps) if they are not available on your machine. It will also build the React frontend for you, so no need to build it separately.

Here is the youtube video for this demo:

Feel free to leave us any comments about this demo and ideas on how to improve it or what you would like to see next.

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