Role based access control for branches on Business Central

To continue the work done in the Contributors feature, another functionality was added to evolve the new way to manage security permissions in Business Central: role based access to branches.

Photo by Douglas do Vale

This feature can be found in a new project settings section, where the user can customize which contributors’ roles have which permission for each project branch.

Branch Management settings section

This is pretty useful when, for instance, you want to freeze a release branch only for some roles. Take a look at the demo:

Keep in mind that for now, the security check is using both sources (Security Management screen and contributors) to grant or deny permissions to spaces and projects (Inclusive OR). For instance, when the user has the security permission to update a project and/or has write permission on that branch (based on the contributor type), then he or she will be able to create new assets. These are our security configurations for this demo:

Security configurations used in the video example

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