Form Field CSS Configuration in Business Central

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Business Central has a powerful tool to create forms for some of its elements:

  • Business Processes
  • Human Tasks
  • Data Objects

You can create a from manually or let Business Central generate the forms for you. Once the forms are generated it is possible to modify its layout, remove and add new fields and HTML elements and change labels values.

The forms generation tools are not simply visual, it also binds values to the form. For example, a process variable can be taken from the form directly into your business process, or you can use the form to simply display values from a Human Task.

Naturally you can also reuse forms between services. Let’s say you generate a form for Data Object Product and there’s a process variable of this object type, the Product form will be considered a sub-form of the process form.

With forms editor you can modify field layout and size, but not the style of each component. Until now. In Business Central 7.22 Final and Red Hat Process Automation Manager (RHPAM) forms editor allow you to change CSS properties of a field parts. On these version you will notice that when you click on a field a pane

The field is inside an layout editor, which means that it has an hierarchy:

  • The page has rows;
  • Rows have columns;
  • Columns have layout element;

Naturally each of these elements have properties, however, a field is composed of other components, for example, a Text Box has Field Label and a Text Input. Therefore for this feature we added a new item to this hierarchy:

  • Layout Components have parts.

In another words from the form editor you can edit page, row and columns CSS properties, but also each field part CSS properties.

Finally if you are migrating from older version or if the form was generated you should have no problems. Parts are created by the elements that is responsible to render the field and if you double click on a field during the form creation the parts are automatically created. For more information check the screencast below and let us know if you have any question!

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