Business Modeler Hub Preview Released!

Last month, we released a new piece of our tooling strategy, the Business Modeler Hub Preview. A single place where you are just one click away from all our tooling channels.

The Hub is available on all platforms: Linux, Windows, and macOS. You can also download it via the Business Modeler website.

Business Modeler Hub Preview

Currently, Business Modeler Hub Preview aggregates four tools for your easy access:

  • Kogito VS Code extension: where you can automatically install our extension on VS Code and launch it with only two clicks;
  • Kogito GitHub extension for Chrome: where you can install the Kogito extension to an existing version of Chrome;
  • Business Modeler Desktop Preview: where you can launch the desktop version of Business Modeler Preview;
  • Business Modeler Preview: where you can quickly go to the Online Modeler Preview site.

Thank you to everyone involved!

I want to thank everyone involved with this new tool, from the KIE Tooling Team Engineers to the lifesavers QEs and the UX people that help us look awesome!


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