Business Modeler Preview Enhancements

On the latest Kogito Tooling releases, we introduced some awesome UX tweaks on our Business Modeler and we expect it will improve even more your experience using it. We hope you like it. :)

Validations on uploaded files

We included file type validations on the drag and drop area and also on the file upload button:

Drag and drop area
File upload button. By default only the valid files will be shown

Improvements on opening a file from URL

The “open from a URL” has been improved as well. More validations were added before the file is opened. The button is disabled until a valid file URL is placed. If a ‘Not Found URL’ or if the content is not available due to CORS is disabled by the provider server, a proper error message is displayed.

Not Found URL
CORS Issue

We also added a new feature to be able to open a GitHub Gist URL (read more about the possibility to export your work as Gist!)

Opening a GIST URL

Download Business Modeler Hub Preview

Now it’s possible to download the Business Modeler Hub Preview for all OS. The Business Modeler Hub Preview is a new application that centralizes all our tools, helping you to find what is more suitable for your needs. Read more about it here.

Your operational system will be selected by default

We hope that with these enhancements we are able to improve our UX on the Business Modeler.

Thanks for reading!


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