What is new on Kogito Tooling from Foundation Team perspective — April/May/Jun 2020

Recently, we had a lot of cool new features on Kogito Tooling added by Foundation Team. Those features are distributed on Kogito Tooling latest releases!

This post will do a quick overview of those. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Visual Code Store Extension Release

Last month, the VS Code team released its custom editor as an official API, and we were finally able to publish our editors on the VS Code Store.

We have now four published artifacts on the store:

At Red Hat Store:

At KIE Store:

  • Kogito Bundle: an extension that groups all our extensions for Kogito.

At this point, the bundles are just pointers to our extensions, this means that every time that you download our bundle, in fact, you are also downloading DMN and BPMN editors extensions. In the future, this bundle could potentially contain improved features, stay tuned! See the full post for details.

Business Modeler Desktop Preview

We released a new import piece of our tool belt, the Business Modeler Desktop. This modeler is a multi-platform standalone application that enables you to quickly create and edit DMN and BPMN assets on your Desktop. See the full blog post for details.

Business Modeler Hub Preview

We also released a new piece of our tooling strategy, the Business Modeler Hub Preview. A single place where you are just one click away from all our tooling channels. See the full blog post for details.

Business Modeler Preview Enhancements

We introduced some awesome UX tweaks on our Business Modeler and we expect it will improve even more your experience using it. See the full blog post for details.

Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts On Kogito Tooling

We released a new Keyboard Shortcuts API. It gives editors the power to add custom reusable keyboard shortcuts that work in all channels! For the existing editors — BPMN, DMN and SceSim — we maintained the same mapping, but we did some under-the-hood enhancements that will make the experience even better. See the full blog post for details.

Exporting diagrams as GitHub gists

Users can now export their DMN and BPMN diagrams as GitHub gists on the Business Modeler. See the full blog post for details.

Other bug fixes and improvements:

We also fixed several bugs and did some performance improvements:

Chrome Extension

KOGITO-1676 — Chrome Extension loads editors twice

KOGITO-1491 — Sometimes editor is not loaded (Chrome extension)

KOGITO-1725 — Multiple Open in external editor links are created when the “back” button is clicked

KOGITO-1726 — Exit fullscreen on chrome extension has a different style than on the online modeler

KOGITO-2281 — Fix Chrome Extension Permissions

KOGITO-2409 — Change the name and add an icon to the chrome extension

KOGITO-2270 Update the Chrome Extension Tutorial

Business Modeler Preview

KOGITO-1556 — DMN online editor can not be used properly in full-screen mode

KOGITO-1782 — Maximize and Minimize causes two toolbars

KOGITO-2447 — Online editor is not reflecting the URL call

KOGITO-2354 — Home page of Business Modeler Preview Online is with wrong home layout

KOGITO-1392 CSS tweaks

Business Modeler Desktop Preview

KOGITO-1252 — Examples are not loaded correctly by desktop app

Business Modeler Hub Preview

KOGITO-1761 — Improve error message when installing VS Code extension in a previous version of VS Code

KOGITO-2203 Non visible kebab menu

KOGITO-1918 File doesn’t save properly after tried to open an invalid one

KOGITO-1788 Desktop sort recently opened files

KOGITO-1791 CSS tweaks

VSCode Improvements

KOGITO-2385 Adapt to new VSCode API 1.46.0

KOGITO-2139 [VSCode] “Open with…” on explorer does not work

KOGITO-1777 VSCode Store Extension Release

KOGITO-1802 Create new VSCode Extensions Distributions

KOGITO-1778 — Adapt to new VSCode API (1.44.0)

KOGITO-1479 — Upgrade Kogito VSCode extension to the final API

KOGITO-1389 — “Open to the side” not working with the newest VSCode extension (new API)

KOGITO-1491 — Sometimes editor is not loaded (Chrome extension)

KOGITO-1863 — Adapt to new VSCode API 1.45.0

KOGITO-1837 — Expose viewType and getPreviewCommandId on vscode-extension index.ts

KOGITO-1970 — Implement Undo/Redo

KOGITO-1971 — Implement SaveAs

KOGITO-1972 — Implement Revert

KOGITO-1973 — Implement async Save

KOGITO-1974 — Implement Backup

KOGITO-1801 — Dirty state of editor on consequently save operation

KOGITO-1835 — State Control API stop working on VSCode 1.44.x

KOGITO-1034 VSCode standard keyboard shortcuts don’t work while extension is enabled

KOGITO-1748 VSCode editor — Package property is empty when the process is created

KOGITO-2128 Cannot open a diagram on a new VsCode window

KOGITO-2343 Shortcuts are always active for nodes (conflict)

Business Modeler Preview

KOGITO-1461 — BPMN2 Logo doesn’t show correctly

KOGITO-1320 — Prevent editors from opening with an unsupported file

KOGITO-1668 — Fix drag and drop CSS and upload button validation

KOGITO-859 — Open file URL using Chrome Extension when it has CORS disabled


KOGITO-1436 — Remove double setContent call

KOGITO-927 Kogito tooling CI should also build on windows

KOGITO-1349 Dev Tools — Update Patternfly to current version Editor Improvements

KOGITO-1426 Re-enable Resource Content API

Thank you to everyone involved!

I want to thank everyone involved with this release from the awesome KIE Tooling Engineers to the lifesavers QEs and the UX people that help us look awesome!

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