Kogito Tooling 0.6.0 Dev Preview 2 Release

We are happy to announce a fresh new Kogito Tooling release! 🎉

The extensions for VS Code and Google Chrome are also available.

On this release, we did a lot of improvements and bug fixes, they are listed below.

Photo by Douglas do Vale

New features

VS Code

  • KOGITO-2076: Open File API
  • KOGITO-2180: Use KeyboardShortcutsAPI with StateControlAPI (Undo/Redo)
  • KOGITO-2542: Update Hub to install VS Code extension from Marketplace
  • KOGITO-766: Keyboard Shortcuts API
  • KOGITO-1373: Integrate the new StateControl API (Undo/Redo/Is Dirty) on the different channels
  • KOGITO-2132: Adapt to new VS Code 1.46



  • KOGITO-1776: [DMN Designer] Create a “Load Projects From Client” button
  • KOGITO-2615: [Guided Tour — DMN] All anchors in the DMN guide tour must be target=”_blank”
  • KOGITO-2137: [Scesim Editor] Integrate SceSim with State Control API
  • KOGITO-2337: [SCESIM Editor] Enable UNDO/REDO
  • KOGITO-697: [DMN Designer] Support Included Models on Kogito
  • KOGITO-764: Create a Guided Tour for first time users on DMN editor
  • KOGITO-1154: [DMN Designer] Guided Tour — Initial Investigation, POC and task breakdown
  • KOGITO-1552: [DMN Designer] Open a DMN file with an included model — DRG Elements
  • KOGITO-1553: [DMN Designer] Open a DMN file with an included model — Included Models tab
  • KOGITO-1975: [Guided Tour] UX for DMN “Guided Tour” tool
  • KOGITO-1986: [Guided Tour] Component — Core — Highlight mechanism — HTML elements
  • KOGITO-1987: [Guided Tour] Component — Core — Highlight mechanism — Grid elements
  • KOGITO-1988: [Guided Tour] Component — Core — Highlight mechanism — Stunner elements
  • KOGITO-1989: [Guided Tour] Component — Core — Open the Guided Tour only for the first time
  • KOGITO-1990: [Guided Tour] Component — Core — Tutorial registration API
  • KOGITO-1991: [Guided Tour] Component — Core — Steps navigation mechanism
  • KOGITO-1992: [Guided Tour] AppFormer bridge observer — Grid elements
  • KOGITO-1993: [Guided Tour] AppFormer bridge observer — Stunner elements
  • KOGITO-1994: [Guided Tour] AppFormer bridge observer — HTML elements
  • KOGITO-1995: [Guided Tour] Component — Setup Guided Tour on different environments
  • KOGITO-1996: [Guided Tour] Component — Create component module

Fixed issues

VS Code


  • KOGITO-2534: Online editor is not loaded after Open in Online Editor button is clicked
  • KOGITO-1976: Hub can’t recognise that the extension was uninstalled externally.
  • KOGITO-1981: Application icon doesn’t show on Fedora’s application toolbar.


  • KOGITO-1196: Editor goes back horizontally when diagram is bigger than default
  • KOGITO-1661: BPMN Examples have ‘null’ in process type property
  • KOGITO-1818: Adding node behaves unexpectedly when node has an outgoing edge without target
  • KOGITO-1997: Stunner — Process metadata attribute value should be a free string
  • KOGITO-2166: VSCode editor — Package property: default is not a valid Java package name
  • KOGITO-2510: kie-tooling-store DMN packing don’t add scesim as languages and custom editor

Thanks to everyone involved and keep tuned for the next releases!

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