Improvements of Project Authoring in Business Central

We have introduced some very useful features in Business Central. Now there’s more customization for users to their needs in the authoring perspective. These features are implemented considering security and ease of use in business application development.

Let’s have a look at these features in detail.

Opening projects directly with URL

In Business Central, we have the standalone perspective to open specific assets such as BPMN editor, Custom page editor, etc. Following the same approach now we have the ability to land on the project assets screen in a standalone view directly using the path, i.e. default://mybranch@myspace/myproject. You can enter the path param in the following URL format,


Change default page size

We can customize the number of assets per page on the project assets screen. Users can set the default page size in default preference under project preferences. The minimum value can be set as “1”. As this is the default project preference, it will affect all projects in Business Central.

Security permission for project screen tools/tabs

You can provide permission-based access to some components on the project screen. Here is the list of components of which you can control visibility.

  • Project change request tab
  • Project metrics tab
  • Project toolbar

In the assets screen with security permissions. Go to admin > groups, select a group, and open the workbench dropdown from permissions. There you can see the options to customize the above-mentioned components.

Many thanks to Paulo, Rishiraj, Tomas, and Eder for their efforts and support to deliver these features.


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