Scorecard Editor

We are delighted to announce that preliminary work on a PMML (4.4) Scorecard Editor has completed.

The Scorecard editor

A VSCode extension has been published to the Marketplace and can be added to your VSCode installation.

The release is considered alpha and primarily aimed at providing a channel to gather feedback.

The journey to provide a capable editor has started but the road is long and winding.

Please install, kick the tyres and provide feedback as this is what will drive change.

Editing made simple

Just click, edit and move on. All changes can be undone/redone.

Editing made simple
Model settings

In-line validation

Made a mistake? Errors are shown in-line and can be undone and corrected as needed.

Inline validation
Inline errors

Integration with VSCode

Errors also integrate with the Problems panel.

Integration with VSCode
Problems panel

Defining Data Fields

Use the "Set Data Dictionary" dialog to define Data Fields.

Click on a row to edit a Data Field’s extended properties

Editing Data Fields
Basic properties

Click on "Edit properties" for more advanced extended properties.

Editing Data Field details
Editing extended properties

Defining Mining Fields and Output Fields

Similarly the Mining Schema and Outputs can be defined.

Editing Mining Fields
Mining Field basic properties
Editing Mining Field details
Mining Field extended properties
Editing Output Fields
Output Field basic properties
Editing Output Field details
Output Field extended properties

Characteristics and Attributes

The way in which you interact with the editor remains consistent.

Both Characteristics and Attributes are authored similarly to the different types of fields.

Editing Characteristics


The PMML Specification allows for the definition of complex compound expressions.

We therefore decided to provide a context-aware, auto-complete predicate editor.

Editing attributes

This is where we really would like to receive feedback.

Your editor needs you!

Real-life predicates seem to be much more simple and we find ourselves at a cross-road.

Do we invest in completing the text-based predicate editor or do we investigate a different approach?

Your feedback counts!

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