KIE & Log4j2 exploit CVE-2021-44228

Log4J 2.x is a widely used Java logging framework. Unfortunately a few days ago it has been exposed to an important security vulnerability (“Log4Shell”, CVE-2021-44228). 

The whole KIE ecosystem (Kogito, Drools, OptaPlanner and jBPM) moved to SLF4J, a different logging facade with Logback as default implementation, a few years ago and it is therefore not vulnerable by CVE-2021-44228. Accordingly, our recommendation is to ensure your applications are updated to the latest community versions (at the time of writing, Drools, jBPM, KIE Workbench/Business Central and KIE Server 7.62.0.Final, Kogito 1.14.1.Final, Optaplanner 8.14.0.Final).

Therefore if you’re using KIE projects as libraries in your projects you are not affected by this problem. Note that the AppFormer Dashbuilder, only declares the Log4j2 dependency management without actually depending on it. Dashbuilder is a monitoring component included in Business Central. We are about to remove the dependency declaration just in case.

In case you’re declaring and/or using Log4j2 dependency in your own KIE projects, please make sure to upgrade Log4j2 as soon as possible to version 2.15.0 which solves this problem. 

We invite you to monitor this blog post, which will be updated in case of any future additional findings.

Further readings: official statement from SLF4J team

Update note: We found that Dashbuilder brought in log4j-core as a transitive dependency from the module uberfire-metadata-backend-elasticsearch and it has been removed 14 months ago. The latest version of KIE Workbench/Business Central containing it was 7.46.0.Final.

Update note 2: As reported here, the fact that WildFly distribution, and then also KIE Workbench/Business Central one which is based on it, contains the log4j-api artifact does not have any security implication. In fact the vulnerable code is only present in the log4j-core module which is not part of the distribution.


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