Create dashboards using YML with Dashbuilder

Creating a dashboard using pure YML from data from any JSON document is now possible using Dashbuilder! You are not even required to install anything, just access Dashbuilder Online Editor and start your dashboard!

How it was possible

Dashbuilder was moved to Kogito Tooling and the client was decoupled from the backend. With this change Dashbuilder could run on client only, without the requirement of a backend. On the client side JSON datasets can be used without the need of a backend.

Naturally Dashbuilder could be used as an editor for its native dashboard definition format: JSON. However, the native format requires deep technical knowledge of how Dashbuilder works, hence multiple changes were made to make the JSON friendly to humans. 

The JSON support was ready, however the YAML is easy to read and is a popular format due the use with Openshift and Kubernetes, so we decided to also support YAML, which is the conversion from JSON. 

Currently we have an experimental editor but a new one compatible with multiplying platform is in development!

What about Dashbuilder Authoring

The old Dashbuilder Authoring is in maintenance mode, which means that it continues to be released and we will fix critical issues, but new features will prioritize the YAML editor.

How to get started

A guide to the YML can be found in Dashbuilder documentation. We have a few samples on the website as well. The example library will grow soon, so stay tuned!


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