Kogito 1.25.0 released!

We are glad to announce that the Kogito 1.25.0 release is now available! This goes hand in hand with Kogito Tooling 0.21.0, Kogito Images, Operator, and CLI 1.25.0 release.

From a feature point of view, we have included a series of new features and bug fixes, including:

Known issue(s)

  • KOGITO-7685 Kogito Builder cannot build from assets with Quarkus Kogito was released with Quarkus 2.11.0.Final artifacts but the Quarkus platform, due to CVE issues, was never released with that version. And, when building from asset files (BPMN, DMN, DRL), the Kogito Builder image  is guessing  directly the Quarkus version from the org.kie.kogito:kogito-build-parent:${KOGITO_VERSION} artifact, which will return the 2.11.0.Final version and thus fail due to missing platform. Workaround is to set the QUARKUS_VERSION `build-env` option with the CLI or directly into the KogitoBuild environment.

For more details head to the complete release notes.

All artifacts are available now:

  • Kogito runtime artifacts are available on Maven Central.
  • Kogito examples can be found here.
  • Kogito images are available on Quay.io.
  • Kogito operator is available in the OperatorHub in OpenShift and Kubernetes.
  • Kogito tooling 0.21.0 artifacts are available at the Visual Studio Marketplace.

A detailed changelog for 1.25.0 can be found in Atlassian Jira.

New to Kogito? Check out our website https://kogito.kie.org. Click the "Get Started" button.

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