New visualizer for the Serverless Workflow Editor

We’re happy to announce that a new diagram visualizer for the Serverless Workflow domain has been released, as part of the kogito tooling 0.23.0, and It becomes as default for the Serverless Workflow Editor.

Kogito – Serverless Workflow Editor – VSCode extension

If you are not familiar with the kogito tooling and its extensions, please refer to the Getting familiar with Serverless Workflow tooling guide first.

A part from the previous capabilities of the editor, this new diagram visualizer provides a bunch of additional features to help users during the authoring of their workflows, such as:

  • Automatic workflow reloading
    It dynamically reloads the workflow’s visualization, once any change is being done in the JSON declaration text panel.
  • Error Handling
    In case the workflow’s JSON declaration is not valid (thus the workflow cannot be automatically reloaded), the editor presents the latest valid visualization for the workflow, and also an icon appears on the top right corner:
    On mouse over the error icon, it  displays the cause of the error as well, by showing a user friendly message. Once the diagram is valid again, the error icon will disappear, and the visualization will be properly updated.
  • State navigation
    Once an state is being selected in the diagram visualizer (by clicking on it), the editor automatically navigates to the line, in the JSON declaration, where the state is being defined.
  • Mediators
    Users are able to play with mediators either by using the mouse, or by using the available buttons in the mediators bar:

    • Auto-fit to diagram size: It fits the diagram to the actual viewport size
    • Zoom: Scales the viewport accordingly (also available by using mouse mediators, please see the keybindings page)
    • Panning: Translates the viewport accordingly (only available by using mouse mediators, please see the keybindings page)
  • Export  workflow to SVG

From the technical perspective, just mention it is based on Stunner, and it relies on Canvas as the main rendering technology.

Please keep posted on further updates, new features and improvements coming soon!


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