Announcing Dashbuilder VSCode extension

We are glad to announce that the Dashbuilder VS Code editor has been released! With this extension you can create dashboards using YAML files on local VS Code, VS Code Web ( and also published on Open VSX marketplace. The extension can also be downloaded as part of KIE Tool 0.25.0 release.

How to create dashboards with Dashbuilder?

Dashbuilder supports YAML and JSON dashboards definitions. To learn more about it you can check our YAML guide, the samples from Dashbuilder website and an article from Manaswini Das about Dashbuilder on Openshift. To create dashboards you can use the online editor or the new VSCode extension.

Dashbuilder Extension VS Code Installation

To install dashbuilder editor on VS Code go to the “Extensions” and search for “dashbuilder”. Click on install and you should be able to edit dashboards using YAML (.dash.yaml) or JSON (.dash.json).

Once installed, open a dashbuilder definition file with text editor and Dashbuilder editor should be opened on the side. 

Dashbuilder extension is also available on VS Code web, you just have to install the extension.


In this post we announced the Dashbuilder VS Code extension. We hope to improve the editor for next releases with content assist, editor augmentation and more, so stay tuned!


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