20k+ active users of BPMN VS Code Extension

Last month, we reached an important milestone for our community: 20k+ active users for our BPMN VS Code Extension.


It has been a long road since our first prototype in Sep 2019. After several releases and incremental iterations, we are proud to develop the most popular BPMN extension for VS Code.


Under the hood, the BPMN editor is based on Stunner. Stunner is a library for building web applications that provide visualization and authoring capabilities for representing knowledge domains. Soon, Roger will write a series of blog posts that deep dive into how Stunner works behind the scenes.


I want to thank everyone involved over those years with the BPMN editor, from the excellent KIE Tools Engineers(highlights to Roger and Stunner team) to the lifesavers QEs and the UX people that helped us look awesome!


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