Announcing Dashbuilder Quarkus Extension

We are glad to announce that we released the Dashbuilder Quarkus extension! You can now render dashboards directly in your Quarkus app!


To start using this extension simply add the following dependency to your quarkus app pom.xml:

Then your *.dash.(yaml|yml|json) files will be available in /dashboards web context.


You can map specific dashboard files using the system property quarkus.dashbuilder.dashboards and change the dashboards web context using quarkus.dashbuilder.path:


We also have three examples ready for use:

  • Hello World: This is the simplest example where the dashboards run on the client and use an inline dataset. Remember that datasets can be any JSON Array declared directly in the dataset or coming from a URL. Learn more about it in the article JSON DATASETS IN DASHBUILDER.
  • Metrics: Datasets can also have a pre-processing for some specific formats. This is the case for metrics and CSV. In this example we consume Quarkus Micrometer metrics. 
  • DataSet: It is also possible to consume data generated from the Quarkus application. In this example we build a real time chart from data coming from a Quarkus endpoint.

Learn more about Dashbuilder Development

Dashbuilder is a tool for building dashboards and data visualizations. It runs entirely on client and you can develop dashboards using YAML on the online editor or using the VSCode extension

Links to learn more:


In this article we announced the Dashbuilder Quarkus extension. We have plans for a better editor developer experience and new Dashbuilder features, so stay tuned!

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